ADHD and Play – Not Just for Kids!


Play is beneficial for all children, not just children with ADHD, and also for all adults! There is great healing in humor.

I love making up and sharing words, I’ve been doing it since I was a kid and began speaking.

Now I do this regularly to improve my emotional intelligence, working memory, social skills, and to get outside my own comfort zone.

By doing this, I’ve learned to flip anxiety into creativity, boredom into a brain game, distractions into directions, and icebreakers into warm relationships.

Sometimes we need therapeutic humor to recover from a bad experience, or at least, to find the humor in it and grow as a person.

If you’ve been struggling with something that’s been getting you down (and you want to get yourself back up and move on), making up words can help you learn to laugh at your mistakes and failures.

How, exactly? By giving them fun names that others can relate to.

I’ve found that when you can address something with a positive mindset, you’re more likely to forgive yourself and tackle them with success the next time they’re bound to happen. Plus, your triumphs and shared struggles help others.

Healing with Humor

“Grantasms” are the names I give to my comic and meaningful word creations. I create them daily for laughs, personal growth, and creative inspiration.

They’re inspired by my own true stories, and they help me better connect and converse with people everywhere. They also playfully encourage others to do the same.

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