Covid-created Anxiety; An Epidemic in the Making

A study conducted by the University of North Carolina and the City University of New York found that most people who experience anxiety during the pandemic face financial problems. Nearly half (45%) of participants reported loss of income due to the pandemic, and 17% of participants reported losing their jobs.
This non-peer-reviewed study surveyed 5,250 adults in different communities.
More than one-third of participants reported moderate or severe anxiety symptoms. In addition to loss of income, participants also linked their anxiety to previous depression diagnoses and symptoms similar to Covid. Participants who experienced Covid symptoms had significantly higher levels of anxiety.
A study published by the American Medical Association in August showed that between March 13 and May 9, searches for anxiety information on the Internet increased by 11 times, 375,000 more searches than in the absence of a pandemic Second-rate. The total number of searches during that period was 3.4 million.
Depression and anxiety
People who receive a medical diagnosis of depression often experience symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety and depression are very comorbid, which means that someone can have both conditions at the same time. People with health complications such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease face a higher risk of anxiety due to fear of Covid19.
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Generally speaking, diabetes, asthma and cardiovascular disease are usually related to anxiety.

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