Getting Help For ADHD

Ned is kind of like the Stephen King of Attention Deficit  Hyperactivity Disorder, he has written so many books.

Often he writes with others and of course he has editors and proof readers. 

In other words, he knows you don’t create anything amazing all by yourself, and being the author of so many ground-breaking books about ADHD he knows how important it is that you get reliable information that you can use to move forward.

I was fortunate to sit down with Ned one afternoon for an interview, and this article is a portion of our discussion.

It’s part of a series of articles from that discussion. Most of my questions are removed, but the following is his part of our conversation. Enjoy!

Finding Support for ADHD – Adults and Children

Dr. Edward Hallowell:

In terms of finding help, I would start with a book and a friend.  

So forget about the professionals at the start because the professionals are hard to find and they are unpredictable, but start with a book and there are several wonderful ones.

Obviously I recommend my own but there are other excellent ones.

(Note to reader: see Resources links below this article.)

Then find a friend, somebody who has ADD or ADHD also, or who has a child with it. Whichever situation you’re dealing with, and you can find those through the schools, through word of mouth, through the community

Those are the two ways to get started.  

Reading books about ADHD is a good starting point

The book will give you more information than most doctors have and the friend will sort of worry with you.

One of my first rules is never worry alone, because you get into trouble when you worry alone.  You get depressed, you awful-ize things, you lose perspective, and you make bad decisions.

So you want to have a friend, and maybe a group if that happens to be a group, but at least one other person that you can schmooze with about this, and a book.

Then, based on that you start looking around.  Start with your primary care doctor, and say –  I want someone who deals with adults, if you are an adult, or children, and who has experience.

The person’s degree really doesn’t matter.  For prescriptions you need an MD, but beyond that, for coaching, for planning, for therapy, it could be a social worker.

Then among MD’s could be a paediatrician, it could be a GP, could be a psychiatrist, child psychiatrist, paediatric neurologist, neurologist.

The degree, the person has, and the specialty isn’t what matters.

What matters is number one, above all else, do you like the person? And number two, do they have experience in treating children and adults with this condition?

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