International Women’s Day: Everyday Health Apps For The Working Woman

Today is the 103rd commemoration of the main International Women’s Day and this remembers the steps that ladies suffragists and supporters have made. While there has been progress on various issues, for example, wage incongruities and violations against ladies, there is even more that should be finished. These endeavors are something beyond ladies’ issues, they are worldwide issues concerning people of all genders, ages, and races. Ladies are not just seen as moms. They make up countless the corporate and working networks. To assist with dealing with their bustling lives, numerous cell phone applications have been created to help working ladies. Here are a couple of the greatest appraised wellbeing related ones:


For working ladies, the indications of a forthcoming period may be an enormous irritation. Having the option to follow when your period will come, and how long it could last can be very advantageous. It can anticipate your ovulation and richness, cautions you when your period is late, and tracks side effects or temperaments.

My Fitness Pal

This is a calorie counter that tracks your feast consumption as well as tracks your activity plan. In this way, during the, prior day you go after that additional treat, you can perceive what desserts you’ve effectively had for the afternoon.


This totally eliminates the requirements for an old-design rolodex. It allows you to gather and store those business cards you got from your gatherings and occasions.


Don’t have the foggiest idea what to wear? This application will advise you. You snap photographs of your dress and this application will combine various pieces together — assisting you with assembling your search for the days you’re in a hurry.


At the point when you’re in a hurry, it very well may be difficult to deal with your accounts. Mint has an online form that monitors your charge card data, actually taking a look at data, and any obligations. Utilizing the application form allows you to deal with your cash from your telephone.

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Basically, it’s mother’s very own partner. It assists with getting sorted out errands, make a staple rundown, and synchronizes with your Google calendar.The title might be somewhat deceptive, however it can be utilized by the functioning lady on the go.Yoga STRETCH

A little close to home time in the first part of the day is consistently an extraordinary beginning to your day. Consolidating that with yoga simply finishes everything off to improve it. This application will let you uniquely design a progression of yoga extends permitting you as long as an hour of “unadulterated joy.”

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