Is This The Next Big Thing In Mental Health?

When was the last time you got onboard with a TRUE sector disruptor before the masses piled on?

It can be a challenging task for even the most sophisticated investors, however once in a while a company comes along with an innovation so incredibly enlightened, it catches the attention of everyone!

Allow me to introduce you to one of these companies. Nexalin Technologies, is the revolutionary company turning the behavioural healthcare model literally on its head! Speculation is raging that they could be the next AnaptysBio (Ticker: ANAB), whose stock surged more than 400% in the past year alone!

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The method by which the most prevalent mental health disorders are treated is undergoing a complete transformation in several parts of the medical community and they have up-and-coming Nexalin Technologies to thank for it!

The patented and FDA cleared technology developed by Nexalin has introduced a non-invasive way to activate the brain’s natural opiate system and effectively treat patient’s suffering from Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia with virtually NO side-effects. Up until now, these conditions have been typically treated with outdated and often temporary methods such as therapy and extremely expensive and potentially addictive drugs. There is no question that this has been a segment of the medical world ripe for disruption, where Big Pharma has reigned comfortably and dangerously supreme due to the lack of new and inspiring entrants.

That was Until Now.

Enter the Nexalin Technologies Medical System. Fuelled by the growing dissatisfaction of patients seeking relief from their illnesses, only to be continually prescribed another lineup of pills – Nexalin identified an opportunity for innovation to help people in an entirely new way! Their widely-celebrated device, which involves the attachment of 4 gentle pads to the patient’s head, delivers safe and effective ‘drug-free’ treatments for mental health and the positive testimonials have been flooding into the review boards. They’ve even received clearance in Australia and Russia to treat addiction, arthritis pain, and even Parkinson’s disease, with more countries in the approval phase!

The fact that Nexalin’s incredible device has been proven to treat pain and addiction cannot be understated, especially when one considers the potential impact on the opioid crisis currently gripping the United States. The vicious and unrelenting epidemic ravaging communities across North America has officials desperate for a potential solution to help stop the rising body count. According to The New York Times, the alarming opioid epidemic in the United States has; “killed more people in 2016 than guns or car accidents, and is doing so at a pace faster than the H.I.V. epidemic at its peak.” (Source: The New York Times)

In light of these sobering statistics, it’s crystal clear that the need for innovation in the medical field to treat those suffering has never been more urgent!

For this reason alone, investors are absolutely buzzing over the potential returns to come from a bet on the inevitable breakthrough of Nexalin Technologies!
Opportunities in the U.S. and Beyond!

This is what makes the Nexalin story so compelling from a growth investor’s perspective! Consider these facts: 1) There is a MASSIVE market craving a new and effective way to end their suffering, 2) Nexalin has developed a proven and FDA cleared method to specifically help these pharma-fatigued patients that is unlike anything they’ve tried before, and 3) the global scalability is ready for rollout to tap into an estimated TRILLION DOLLAR market!

Folks, whenever an opportunity like this comes along, I ask myself; “what’s the job to be done and how is their product or service going to do it effectively?” In the case of Nexalin Technologies, the job is to end the suffering caused by mental health disorders, pain and addiction, and the method by which they’re doing it has not only been proven to be effective, but is an innovatively heartening step into the future of improving the human condition.

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