Making My House ADHD-Friendly. How to Organize YOUR Life.

I want to talk about owning ADHD-friendly.  Owning it, taking charge of it, and doing with it whatever you want. For you.

I’m not talking about “owning your ADHD.”  Because sometimes, especially in the early days, but even now when I’m having a difficult day, my ADHD owns me.

I’m talking about owning our personal lives, our stuff, our homes, and making things work for us.  Having things our way.  Customizing.  Bending the world to suit us. 

Doing whatever it takes to make it work with our mindset.

We have to do a lot of things to fit into the world out there.  We have to bend to fit in with everyone else, because there’s way more of them than there is of us.  We’re only 4 or 5% of the population.

Organize Your Life For You

Recently I spoke to an elite group of organizers. The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) has about 4,000 members. This group have taken it to a whole new level.  They call themselves the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD).

One of the top people is a retired Navy Admiral. 

She told me that all of her clients are required to be in therapy with a psychiatrist or a psychologist.  The members of the ICD are dealing with hard core disorganization. 

The kind that would make one of those lurid A&E TV shows.

[Am I the only one who thinks those programs are basically a freak show where viewers are entertained by people struggling with mental disorders?  I don’t watch them. 

It’s too much like the old days in Great Britain when people would go to the lunatic asylum on the weekend and pay according to stairs through the peep holes at the crazy people.]

Professional Organizers vs. ADHD (The Fight of the Century)

The members of the ICD knew a lot about ADHD.  A show of hands revealed a surprising number of those in attendance are dealing with it in their own family circle. 

I have to admit I was a little intimidated.  What can they possibly learn from me.

Quite a bit, as it turns out.

I talked about some of the strategies that Patrick McKenna and I use and which became the backbone of our documentary ADD and Mastering It!

One of the 36 Strategies, number 3 or 4 as I recall, is ‘BEND THE WORLD TO YOU.’

As I said at the top we spend so much time, energy, and precious willpower trying to bend ourselves to fit in the world.  Before we’re diagnosed we feel different, weird. 

Square pegs trying to fit into those damn round holes.

Once we are properly diagnosed and begin to understand our own personal blend of traits, we realize what was behind that feeling. 

We find strategies that work for us.  We find ways to fit in, or at least appear to fit in.  We may decide that some of those round holes are just not worth the effort.

[I would like a round of applause for resisting the urge to make the previous paragraph sound naughty. It’s not like me.

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