Smoking in your teens may lead to insomnia in your thirties

We already know that the the sleep health of our children influences a number of health outcomes including obesityalcohol and drug abuseacademic achievement and even risk of self-harm.

Now it would appear that unhealthy habits such as smoking may increase the risk of developing insomnia later in life.

A recent study found that those who smoke between the ages of 14 and 32 are more likely to end up with insomnia by the age of 36.

Researchers surveyed 674 adult participants at six points in time. They found that chronic smokers were nearly three times more likely to end up with insomnia by 36. Moderate smokers were five times more likely to end up with insomnia.

Although previous studies had already identified a link between smoking and insomnia, this is the first study I’ve come across to suggest that smoking in childhood can increase insomnia risk in adulthood.

Source: Substance Abuse & Misuse

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