What’s Your Relationship With Sleep And Insomnia?

Do you have insomnia a couple of nights a week, or does having a good night’s sleep feel like a distant dream?

Are you irritable? Wandering through life like a zombie? Going from one coffee to the next…?

Let’s face it – insomnia is the pits. But it doesn’t have to be.

If you struggle with sleep and exhaustion (or know someone who does), join this online group to rest, renew, and welcome sleep… so you can be youduring the day.

If you were well rested, what would your life be like?

I imagine you’d once again feel excited, energized and engaged with your dreams and adventures! And I imagine a long list of people – from your work colleagues to the people who love you – would feel comforted as well.

I’m on that list of people wishing you sweet dreams.

As a sleep- and life coach who has discovered about sleep disorders from years of study and painful personal experience, I want to share with you the way to have a quiet mind, soothed emotions, and alignment with your real-self, so you can get back into sync with sleep.

My 7 pathways to rest are for you to welcome sleep and re-engage with your life.

After years of personal coaching, training, and writing, I’ve created an online creative course that takes into account that you are already an expert about insomnia.

In this small group online course we will dig deeper into what insomnia means for you. I promise you – no counting sheep, no “shoulds” to gauge your success.

Instead, you’ll learn, practice, and deepen a variety of tools so you can feel confident you can make your nights more of what soothes, renews, and embraces your self and sleep.

  • Calm your mind.
  • Let your body soothe you.
  • Ease the hold of emotions.
  • Feel less isolated (without checking your phone!).

There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion in a supportive environment to discover and welcome deep sleep. We’ll also have a private Facebook group to dive deeper into your path to rest and sleep.

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